Immaginare Orlando

Immaginare Orlando is a non-profit association. Its team includes people of different ages and diverse professional backgrounds, sharing their common curiosity and always looking for new inspiration and innovative approaches.

Immaginare ORLANDO was born in Bergamo in 2009 with the name “Associazione il Barone Rampante”. Since 2009, it has been collaborating with Laboratorio 80 in organising and managing the festival “ORLANDO identities, relations, possibilities”. In 2017, the association changed its name to “Immaginare Orlando” and took up the artistic direction of the festival.

Part of a strong international network, Immaginare Orlando mainly works in the area of Bergamo. It organises cultural activities and educational projects to promote social change and community development.

All our projects aim at:

• celebrating differences;
• promoting critical reflection and the implementation of best practices to fight stereotypes, discrimination, bullying;
• deconstructing the social and cultural assumptions behind homo-, lesbo-, trans- and bi- phobia and gender violence;
• promoting dialogue and creating networks among associations and organisations to stand together against discrimination and prejudices;
• protecting personal freedoms and fighting for equality.

8-17 May 2020
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